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BeigeBlackBlackBlackBlackBlackBlack*Without ribbon


2 White6 Beige3 Black

~Gorgeous blouse featuring flared Tulle Lace princess sleeves~

Dressing elgant and light with three quater sleeves♪

Product Name Princess Sleeves Doll Blouse
Product Number 152103
Colors 2 White
6 Beige
3 Black
Price ¥19,000(without tax)
Material 100%Polyester/100DPearskin
Features Removable neck ribbon
Detachable back waist ribbon
Original lace
  S M L
Bust 90cm 94cm 100cm
Waist 70cm 74cm 78cm
Shoulder width 35cm 36cm 37cm
Total length 51cm(includes 3cm of frills) 52cm(includes 3cm of frills) 53cm(includes 3cm of frills)
Sleeve length 48cm 49cm 50cm
Sleeve opening 26cm 27cm 28cm

  • Depending on the item, the sizes might be slightly smaller or larger.
    The measurements listed are of the actual garment so we recommend 4-5cm of room for the best fit.
  • Please notre that you may see very tiny linty or pigmentary dots on the surface as the item is made with knubbed material.
    It may damage the material itself if it's forced to be cleared off.

Princess Sleeves Doll Blouse


Price \19,000(without tax)

2 White S[SOLD OUT]
2 White M [SOLD OUT]
2 White L[SOLD OUT]
6 Beige S [SOLD OUT]
6 Beige M[SOLD OUT]
6 Beige L[SOLD OUT]
3 Black S[SOLD OUT]
3 Black M[SOLD OUT]
3 Black L[SOLD OUT]

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