2017.3.24  [Sold out] Teddy Bear & Playing Card Suit Overknee Socks[Beige×Cafe au Lait]
 [Sold out] Braid Ribbon Shoes[Ivory/M]
2017.3.21  [Few left] Rose Lace Millefeuille Bolero[Pink×Pink Tulle/Bordeaux×Bordeaux Tulle/L,Chocolat×Chocolat Tulle/M]
 [Sold out] Chemical Lace Collar Jumperskirt[Bordeaux×Beige/M107]
 [Sold out] Square Neck Lace Jumperskirt[Dark Gray×Beige/Navy×Beige/Black×Beige/M107]
 [Sold out] Cameo Bow Clip[Beige×Beige]
 [Sold out] Front Lace Standing Collar Blouse[Pink/L]
 [Sold out] Twin Rose Hat[Beige×Beige×Beige/M]
 [Sold out] Chiffon Sleeve Blouse[Beige/M]
 [Sold out] Polka Dot Jacquard Headbow[Black]
 [Sold out] Rose Lace Millefeuille Bolero[Beige×Beige Tulle/M]
 [Sold out] Tea party of the Wonderland Apron[Beige/M]
 [Sold out] Mini rose race headband[Beige×Beige]
 [Sold out] Bias Ribbon Arm Cover[White]
 [Sold out] Treble Clef and IW Charm Headbow[Beige]
 [All color sold out] Constellation Embroidery Clip
 [All color sold out] Latin Head Bow
 [All color sold out] Church Choir Collar Blouse
2017.3.17  [Sold out] Rose Lace Millefeuille Bolero [Beige×Beige Tulle/L]
 [Sold out] Satin Stripe Blouse [Beige×Chocolat/M,Navy×Navy/L]
 [Sold out] Chiffon Sleeve Blouse [Beige/M]
2017.3.16  [Sold out] Front Lace Standing Collar Blouse[Beige/L]
 [Sold out] Satin Ribbon Scallop Shoes[5 Chocolat/SS]
 [Sold out] Elizabeth High Waist Jumperskirt[Navy/L]
 [Sold out] Teddy Bear & Playing Card Suit High Waist Jumperskirt[Navy/M]
 [Sold out] Original Cross Lace Blouse[Navy/L]
 [All color sold out] Side Ribbon Drawers
 [All color sold out] Orchestra Instruments High Waist Jumperskirt
2017.3.15  [Sold out] Grosgrain and Stripe Twin Clip[Chocolat]
2017.3.14  [Sold out] Heart Scallop Frill Shoes[Ivory/S]
 [Sold out] Classical Lace Sleeve Onepiece[Bordeaux×Beige/M]
 [Sold out] Treble Clef and IW Charm Headbow[Black]
 [Sold out] Cross Back Corset Jumperskirt[Bordeaux×Cafe au Lait/L]
 [Sold out] Crown Carousel Corset Jumperskirt[Black/M100]
 [Sold out] Palace Rose Corsage Bow Clip[Navy]
 [Sold out] Crown Carousel Bustle Jumperskirt[Beige/M]
 [Sold out] Antique Doll Bonnet (Phanuel)[Black×Black]
 [Sold out] Chemical Lace Collar Jumperskirt[Navy×Beige/M107]
 [Sold out] Petit Bow Headband[Chocolat]
 [All color sold out] IW Double Ribbon Headbow
2017.3.10  [Sold out] Chemical Lace Collar Jumperskirt[Bordeaux×Beige/L94]
 [Sold out] Satin Ribbon Scallop Shoes[Chocolat/M]
 [Sold out] Rose Lace Millefeuille Bolero[Pink×Pink Tulle/M]
2017.3.9  [Restock] Ribbon Loafer Shoes[Navy/M]
 [Restock/Few left] Constellation Embroidery Clip[Navy×Silver(Delphinus)]
 [Sold out] Ribbon Shoes with Moon and Star Charms[Navy/S]
 [Sold out] Elizabeth Double Breasted Jumperskirt[Black×Cafe au Lait/L102]
2017.3.7  [All color sold out] Sister Puff Sleeve Dress
 [All color sold out] Rabbit Letter Just Waist Jumperskirt
2017.3.6  [Sold out] Crown Carousel Onepiece[Navy/M]
 [Sold out] Royal Library Corset Jumperskirt[Green/M]
 [Sold out] Lace-up lace skirt[Chocolat/L]
 [Sold out] Corset Bustle Jumperskirt[Black/M]
 [Sold out] Honeycomb dobby High Waist Jumperskirt[Black×Cafe au Lait/M]
 [Sold out] Classical Lace Sleeve Onepiece[Bordeaux×Beige/L]
 [Sold out] Braid Ribbon Headbow[Bordeaux]
 [Sold out] Fleur De Lis Lace Flare Skirt[Black/M]
 [Few left] Rose Flare Jumperskirt[Green/L]
2017.3.3  [Restock/Few left] Crown Carousel Onepiece[Navy/M]
 [Sold out] Sister Puff Sleeve Dress[Black×White/M,Bordeaux×White/L]
 [Sold out] Square Neck Lace Jumperskirt[Dark Gray×Beige/M92]
 [Sold out] Midnight Merry-Go-Round Lame Lace Jumperskirt[Navy×Silver/M92]
 [Sold out] Stand up collar violin embroidery dress[Chocolat×Beige/M]
 [Sold out] Happy London Sailor Jumperskirt[Black/L]
 [Sold out] Corset Gathered Flare Skirt[Navy/L]
 [Sold out] Japanese Butterfly Tiered Jumperskirt[Navy×Pink/L]
 [Sold out] Chiffon Tulle Jumperskirt[Black×Black/L95]
 [All color sold out] Lame Edge Ribbon Headbow
2017.3.2  [Sold out] Square Collar Ladder Lace Onepiece[Navy×Beige/M87]
 [Sold out] Tiered Alice Long Sleeve Onepiece[Bordeaux×Beige/L]
 [Sold out] Chemical Lace Collar Jumperskirt[Navy×Beige/M92,Black×Beige/M107]
 [Sold out] Short Sleeve Round Collar Onepiece[Navy×Beige/Black×Beige/L]
 [All color sold out] Planisphere Organdy Sailor Onepiece
2017.2.27  [Restock/Few left] Diamond Scallop Pochette[Ivory]
 [Sold out] Planisphere Organdy Sailor Onepiece[Black×Cafe au Lait/L]
2017.2.24  [Sold out] British Cutlery Tights[Beige]
2017.2.23  [Sold out] Sailor Jumperskirt with Belt[Navy×Beige/M]
 [Sold out] Maestro Blouse[Beige×Black/S]
 [Sold out] Scalloped tulle High Waist Jumperskirt[Navy×Beige/M]
 [Sold out] Side Ribbon Drawers[Beige/M]
 [Sold out] Original Crown Bow Clip[Green]
2017.2.22  [Sold out] Rose Corsage Beads Clip[Bordeaux]
 [Sold out] Crown Carousel Overknee Socks[Black]
2017.2.15  [Restock/Few left] Crown with IW logo Pearl Necklace[Antique Gold]
 [Few left] Vilma Flare Onepiece[Navy×Beige/L]
 [Few left] Corset Tiered Skirt[Bordeaux/M]
 [Few left] Fleur de lis Lace Nun Head Dress[Beige×Beige/Chocolat×Beige]
2017.2.8  [Few left] Japanese Butterfly Tights[All colors]
 [Few left] Japanese Butterfly Tiered Jumperskirt[Navy×Pink/M]
 [Few left] Japanese Butterfly Tack Jumperskirt[Purple×Purple/M]
2017.2.7  [All color sold out] Royal Library Pouch
2017.2.3  [Restock/Few left] Royal Library Ribbon Jumperskirt[Bordeaux/M107]
 [Restock/Few left] Royal Library Headbow[Bordeaux/Green]
2017.1.30  [Sold out] Scallop lace Blouse[Beige/L]
2017.1.24  [Few left] Palace Rose Corsage Bow Clip[Navy]
 [Few left] Chiffon Tulle Jumperskirt[Black×Black/M95]
 [Few left] Scallop Collar Blouse[Beige×Black/M]
 [Few left] Crown with IW logo Pearl Necklace[Antique Gold]
 [Sold out] Cross Mary Onepiece[Black×Beige/L]
 [Sold out] Nun Collar Blouse[Black×Black/M]
 [Sold out] Corset Gathered Flare Skirt[Black/M]
 [Sold out] Slim Ribbon Headbow with IW Charm[Black]
 [Sold out] Happy London Just Waist Jumperskirt[Navy/L]
 [Sold out] Original Print Plain Jumperskirt[Blue×Blue/L]
2017.1.23  [Sold out] Crown Carousel Corset Jumperskirt[Black/M100]
2017.1.17  [Sold out] Royal Library Headbow[Bordeaux]
 [Sold out] Victoria Bustle Jumperskirt[Bordeaux×Beige/L]
2017.1.16  [Restock] Chambray Pannier(Short)[White/Black/M ]
 [Few left] Triple Ribbon Braid Headband[Chocolat]
2017.1.13  [Sold out] Scallop lace Blouse[Beige/S]
2017.1.12  [Sold out] 2017 Happy Pack (20,000yen)[M/L]
 [Sold out] Satin Ribbon and Heart Charm Headbow[Bordeaux]
2017.1.4  [Sold out] Embroidered Collar Sailor Jacket[Bordeaux×Beige/M]
 [Sold out] Braid Midi Length Jumperskirt[Black/L]
 [Sold out] Royal Library Tights[Chocolat]
 [Sold out] Scallop lace Blouse[Beige/M]
 [Sold out] IW Grosgrain Twin Clip[Black]
 [Sold out] Sailor Half Jacket[Navy×Cafe au Lait/M]
 [Sold out] Chiffon Yoke Blouse[Beige/M]
 [Sold out] Moonlight Church Napoleon Jumperskirt[Bordeaux/M95]
 [All color sold out] Head Dress Style Lace Ribbon Head bow
 [All color sold out] Round Collar Braid Onepiece
 [All color sold out] Maria Veil Headband
2016.12.27  [Sold out] Royal Library Pouch [Green/Chocolat]
 [Sold out] Corset Bustle Jumperskirt [Black/L]
 [Sold out] Chiffon and Lace Petticoat [Beige/S]
 [Sold out] Circular Coat Onepiece [Bordeaux×Beige/M114]
 [Sold out] Braid Ribbon Shoes [Black/M]
2016.12.26  [All color sold out] 2017 Special Happy Pack[All kinds]
2016.12.22  [Sold out] Louisa Blouse[Chocolat/L]
 [Sold out] Tiered Alice Long Sleeve Onepiece[Navy×Beige/L]
 [Sold out] Treble Clef and Note Twin Clip[Bordeaux]
 [Sold out] Long Sleeve Lined Collar Onepiece[Gray×Beige/M]
2016.12.21  [Sold out] Scallop lace Blouse [Chocolat/M/L]
2016.12.19  [Few left] Long Sleeve Lined Collar Onepiece[Gray×Beige/M]
 [Few left] Vilma Flare Onepiece[Dark Gray×Beige/M]
 [Sold out] Ribbon Lace Millefeuille Bolero[Bordeaux×BordeauxTulle/M/L]
 [Sold out] Victoria Bustle Jumperskirt[Bordeaux×Beige/M]
 [Sold out] Tiered Alice Long Sleeve Onepiece[Saxe×Beige/M]
 [Sold out] Church Choir Collar Blouse[White×Black/Beige×Black/L]
 [Sold out] Classical Gather Flare Jumperskirt[Black/M92/M107]
 [All color sold out] Jacquard Ribbon Bow Clip
 [All color sold out] Diamond Rose Overknee socks
2016.12.15  [Few left] Victoria Bustle Jumperskirt [Bordeaux×Beige/M]
 [Sold out] Church Choir Collar Blouse [White×Black/M]
 [Sold out] Rose Lace Millefeuille Bolero [Bordeaux×Bordeaux Tulle/M]
 [Sold out] Rose Lace Ribbon Hat [Bordeaux×Bordeaux/M]
2016.12.14  [Sold out] Vilma Flare Onepiece [Navy×Beige/M]
 [Sold out] Fleur de lis Lace Nun Head Dress [Black×Black]
 [All color sold out] Classical Frill Jabot Blouse
2016.12.13  [Few left] Scallop lace Blouse [White/S,Black/L]
 [Few left] Rose Race Ribbon Hat [Bordeaux×Bordeaux/M]
 [Few left] Lace Yoke Onepiece [Black×Beige/L]
 [Few left] Louisa Blouse [Chocolat/L]
 [Few left] Head Dress Style Lace Ribbon Head bow [Beige]
 [Few left] Crown Carousel Embossed Overknee Socks [Black]
 [Sold out] Classical Violin Tights [Chocolat]
 [Sold out] Maria Veil Headband [Beige×Beige]
 [Sold out] Planisphere High Waist Jumperskirt [Black×Beige/L]
 [Sold out] Braid Ribbon Shoes [Bordeaux/SS]
 [Sold out] Organdy Jabot Blouse [Beige/M]
 [Sold out] Maria Veil Headband [Black×Beige/Black×Black]
 [Sold out] Square Collar Low Waist Jumperskirt [Gray×Black/L]
 [Sold out] Cord Race Flocky Jumperskirt [Beige/L]
 [Sold out] Original Print Plain Jumperskirt [Blue×Blue/L]
 [Sold out] Triangle Tiered Corset Jumperskirt [Black Stripe/M/L]
 [Sold out] Violin Jacket [Chocolat/M]
2016.12.9  [Sold out] Rose Lace Millefeuille Bolero[Chocolat×Chocolat Tulle/L]
 [Sold out] Standing Collar Rose Lace Blouse[White×Black/L]
 [Sold out] Tea party of the Wonderland Onepiece[Black×White/S]
 [Sold out] Rose Lace Millefeuille Bolero[Black×Black/L]
 [Sold out] Tiered Alice Long Sleeve Onepiece[Navy×Beige/M]
 [All color sold out] Angels in Stained Glass Tights
2016.12.8  [Sold out] Royal Library Ribbon Jumperskirt [Chocolat/M107]
 [Sold out] Royal Library Corset Jumperskirt [Chocolat/L]
2016.12.5  [Few left] Royal Library Ribbon Jumperskirt[Bordeaux・Green/M92]
 [Few left] Royal Library High Waist Jumperskirt[Chocolat/M]
 [Few left] Royal Library Headbow[Bordeaux/Chocolat]
 [Sold out] Royal Library Tights[Beige]
 [Sold out] Royal Library Headbow[Green]
 [Sold out] Royal Library Ribbon Jumperskirt[Green/M107]
 [All color sold out] Rabbit Letter Just Waist Jumperskirt
2016.12.2  [Few left] Royal Library Ribbon Jumperskirt[All Colors/M107]
 [Sold out] Rabbit Letter Just Waist Jumperskirt[Beige/L]
 [Sold out] Royal Library Corset Jumperskirt[Green/L]
2016.12.1  [Few left] IW Double Ribbon Headbow [Chocolat]
 [Sold out] Treble Clef and Violin Overknee Socks [Chocolat×Beige]