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Questionnaire about resale!

I wish I could…

I wish I had…

Now, your wish may come true!!

Send in your opinions on what Innocent World items you wish you saw back in stock!

We would love to hear from you so that you can enjoy more of our popular items!

We appreciate in the questionnaire.

[Period of Questionnaires accepted]

August 7 (Monday) 11am - August 17 (Thursday) until 8pm

[Questionnaire Acceptance]
◆ Copy and paste the following questionnaire content and send an email to (

We will gather everyone’s opinions and announce further resale information on the website later.

[Contents of e-mail ・ resale questionnaire]
Please copy and paste the following contents and email to (

◆ Please enter up to three items you wish to see back in stock.

① Product name [ ] Color [ ]

② Product name [ ] Color [ ]

③ Product name [ ] Color [ ]

* Please specify different product names for ①, ②, ③.

◆ Your name

First Name [ ]

Last Name [ ]

Entry example:
① Product name [Rabbit Letter Jumperskirt with a sailor collar] Color [Sax/Beige]
② Product name [Lotta Jumperskirt] Color [Pink]
③ Product name [Astronomical Clock Jumperskirt] Color [ Navy]

Incorrect entry example:
① Product name [Revival Annette Jumperskirt] Color [Red/White]
② Product name [Revival Annette Jumperskirt] Color [Green/White]
③ Product name [Revival Annette Jumperskirt] Color [Pink/White]

If the product name is unknown, please describe the characteristics of the product.

※Please Note

・We are accepting only one questionnaire per person.
・Requested products are not necessarily resold.
・You do not have to purchase your requested products from answering.
・We hope to hear from many of our Innocent World lovers.

*You can see the big picture when you move the mouse over the image.
*If when the display is strange, please try to reload the browser.

Image Product Name Color Product Number

Revival Lotta Jumperskirt 44 Pink×Pink
74 Blue×Pink

Revival Astronomical Clock Jumperskirt 56 Chocolat×Milk Tea
76 Navy×Milk Tea

Marine Bear Jumperskirt 2 White
6 Beige
7 Navy

Teddy Bear Parade Onepiece 6 Beige
7 Navy

Classical Strawberry High Waist Jumperskirt 65 Beige×Chocolat
45 Pink×Chocolat
75 Blue green×Chocolat

Revival Annette Jumperskirt 42 Red×White
82 Green×White
52 Chocolat×White
41 Pink×White

Rabbit Letter Jumperskirt with a sailor collar 66 Beige×Beige
96 Bordeaux×Beige
76 Sax×Beige

Original Chocolate 
6 Beige
0 Bordeaux
8 Green

Grazia Crown Jumperskirt 0 Bordeaux
7 Blue
3 Black

Antique Pansy 
6 Beige
4 AntiquePurple
8 AntiqueGreen

Key Charm Pearl Necklace 9 Bordeaux
5 Chocolat
3 Black

Strawberry Field
6 Milk Tea×Red
5 Chocolat×Red

Moonlit Walk High Waist Jumperskirt 8 Purple
7 Navy

Moonlit Walk Hat 377 Black××Navy 164903

Strawberry Rose Garden 
Beige 094716


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