Dates listed in pink are when the online sales office is closed. We will not be able to respond to emails or send items out on those days so we ask for your understanding.


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【Be sure to read before placing an order】

Please be sure to read this as some areas cannot be shipped.




*** Please order the reservation products by dividing the order form according to the release date ***
We cannot bundle already-released products with reservation products.

[When ordering products with different release dates in the same order form]

・ Orders will be shipped separately for each scheduled release date.
・ Shipping fee will be added for the number of shipments.
・ When making a transfer, please make a transfer for each order after it has been divided.
・ Please note that there is a risk that your order will be invalidated.

We apologize for the inconvenience, and thank you in advance for your understanding.

Commemorating the release of the movie “Happiness” Collection
General reservation:Jun 14 (Friday) 16:00~

Estimated in-stock date;Around December 2024 to January 2025

Spring/Summer 2024 Collection PART2
Acceptance has ended.
Pre-orders for all products have been sold out.
Thank you for all your orders.

Estimated in-stock date;Late June to July 2024

Estimated in-stock date;Late July to August 2024

Estimated in-stock date;Around August 2024

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We inform customers that lately there exist products whose print is from our original ones or confusingly similar, as if they were Innocent World original products on auction sites and shopping sites overseas.

As we are not associated with any of these products, they're supposed to be pernicious knock-off versions of our proper products.

Here is a list of Innocent World's own retails and authorized dealership.


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