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Navy×Gold(Cassiopeia)/Navy×Gold(Delphinus)※The two clips are NOT a set.Navy×Gold(Cassiopeia)Navy×Gold(Cassiopeia)Navy×Gold(Cassiopeia)*Embroidery details(Cassiopeia)Navy×Gold(Delphinus)*Embroidery details(Delphinus)Navy×Gold(Cassiopeia)


7G1 Navy×Gold(Cassiopeia)7G2 Navy×Gold(Delphinus)7S1 Navy×Silver(Cassiopeia)7S2 Navy×Silver(Delphinus)
Navy×Gold(Cassiopeia)/Navy×Gold(Delphinus)※The two clips are NOT a set.
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~Cute clip featuring hand embroidered Cassiopeia and Delphinus~

Hand embroidery creates a gentle and soft feeling♪

※Each one is sold individually

Product Name Constellation Embroidery Clip
Product Number 161910
Colors 7G1 Navy×Gold(Cassiopeia)
7G2 Navy×Gold(Delphinus)
7S1 Navy×Silver(Cassiopeia)
7S2 Navy×Silver(Delphinus)
Price ¥2,200(without tax)
Feature Each one is sold individually
(The two clips are NOT a set. )

Constellation Embroidery Clip


Price \2,200(without tax)

7G1 Navy×Gold(Cassiopeia) F[FEW LEFT]
7G2 Navy×Gold(Delphinus) F[FEW LEFT]
7S1 Navy×Silver(Cassiopeia) F[FEW LEFT]
7S2 Navy×Silver(Delphinus) F

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