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SaxeSaxeSaxeSaxeSaxeSaxeSaxeSaxeSaxe*A little transparent sleeves*Organdy collar piled on polyester collarSaxe*Without bow tie*Without bow tie*Two patterns of Gingham*Transparent fabric


81 Mint Green82 Emerald Green71 Saxe72 Navy32 Black*Fabric details:Mint Green*Fabric details:Emerald Green*Fabric details:Saxe*Fabric details:Navy*Fabric details:Black
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~Lovely Fresh Gingham Onepiece~

Features organdy collar and cute heart lace accents on it♪

Product Name Organdy Collar Onepiece
Product Number 162602
Colors 81 Mint Green
82 Emerald Green
71 Saxe
72 Navy
32 Black
Price ¥20,800(without tax)
Material Outer fabric: 100% Polyester
Collar: 100% Polyester/Washed tropical,Organdy
Inner lining: 100% Polyester

*The width between the lines differs depending on colors
【Big Gingham】
Mint Green/Emerald Green
【Small Gingham】
Features Removable bow tie
Original lace
Elastic shirring back
Removable back waist bow
  M L
Bust 87cm 89cm
Waist 75cm~110cm 79cm~114cm
Shoulder width 34cm 35cm
Total length 87cm 89cm
Skirt length 55cm(WL~50㎝) 56cm(WL~50㎝)
Sleeve length 22cm 23cm
Sleeve opening 24cm 25cm

  • ※Depending on the item, the sizes might be slightly smaller or larger. The measurements listed are of the actual garment so we recommend 4-5cm of room for the best fit.

Organdy Collar Onepiece


Price \20,800(without tax)

81 Mint Green M[FEW LEFT]
81 Mint Green L[FEW LEFT]
82 Emerald Green M[FEW LEFT]
82 Emerald Green L[FEW LEFT]
71 Saxe M[SOLD OUT]
71 Saxe L[SOLD OUT]
72 Navy M[FEW LEFT]
72 Navy L[FEW LEFT]
32 Black M
32 Black L[FEW LEFT]

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