Conceot コンセプト

This week's new announcement is a beautiful dress with a flower motif and
Information on re-arrival of luxurious head dresses.

Please enjoy romantic coordination together.

*Designed in Paris Rose motif*

This elegant and lovely rose print dress is an eternal dream.

The three-dimensional pattern making from the chest to the waist creates a beautiful silhouette.

The pearl and gold buttons on the cuffs are also nonchalantly stylish design factors.

*Gorgeous numerous layers of delicate petals overlapping *

An elegant headdress created with a single beautiful ranunculus flower surrounded by small delicate flowers and fine chemical lace.

The Ranunculus symbolizes ‘attractiveness’ and ‘charm’.

While the White Ranunculus flower represents ‘purity’, the Pink Ranunculus flower symbolizes ‘undecorated beauty".