2017.9.20 Notes about server maintenance
2017.9.20 Re-lease of "Astronomical Clock Series!"
2017.9.20 "Snow White and the Red Apples" Reservation start!
2017.9.15 New items have arrived
2017.9.15 "Sale Item Bulk Purchase Online Fair" Restart!
It was finished.
2017.9.8 Sale Item Bulk Purchase Online Fair!
It was finished.
2017.9.8 Snow White and the Red Apples
2017.9.8 We restocked Autumn/Winter goods!(Add products)
2017.8.30 "Classical elegant series" Reservation start!
2017.8.30 We restocked Autumn/Winter goods!
2017.8.23 "Astronomical Clock Series" Questionnaire about resale.
It was finished.
2017.8.23 Happy Outing Set 4 Day Sale!
2017.8.10 New items up for reserve.
2017.8.4 Mail order "Notice of Summer Holiday"
2017.8.4 Happy Summer Dress Set Release!
2017.8.4 Notice of "Mail Order Summer Sale" partly discontinued.
2017.8.4 "Questionnaire about resale"
2017.7.26 "Notes about 2017 SUMMER SALE!(Next opening)"
2017.7.21 "The new Autumn Collection"
2017.7.19 "Notes about 2017 SUMMER SALE!(Next opening)"
2017.7.14 New items up for reserve
(We are very sorry but all sold out. )
2017.7.12 "Notes about 2017 SUMMER SALE!(Next opening)"
2017.7.3 "Notes about 2017 SUMMER SALE!"