Dates listed in pink are when the online sales office is closed. We will not be able to respond to emails or send items out on those days so we ask for your understanding.


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2016 Halloween Set, Online Only!

Our ever-popular Halloween Set is back again this year♪

【Taking reservations】

Oct. 5 - 10, 2016Reservation period was finished
※Let us put an end as soon as stocks run out.

Halloween Set---20,000YEN(+Tax)♪

Don't miss it!

We restocked autumn & winter goods!

We restocked autumn & winter goods!
Please check it out♪
Click here!

To customers answered “ Kaneko Alice ”

We sent an e-mail to customers who answered the questionnaire regarding “Kuniyoshi Kaneko Alice Series”.
Please let us know if you did not yet receive it.
Thank you.

It's decided!!

Our present campaign is finished.

It's decided!! We will be offering a Rabbit Pattern Letter Set novelty gift as of September the 23rd to anyone who will reserve or buy items from and above fifteen thousand yen.
*Served while it

About Second re-lease of Kuniyoshi Kaneko Alice series!

Second re-lease of the Kuniyoshi Kaneko Alice series was decided!
We start a reservation from a visitor in response to the questionnaire that we did on-site in June with precedence ♪

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【 Last summer sale ♪】

You can get 20% discount regarding all Sale items
From 12:00 a.m. Sept 16th to 11:59 p.m. Sept 31th(JST)

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All Limited items 50% OFF♪

You can get 50% discount regarding all limited items which are tagged with 【Limited Item 30%off】. (30%off>>>50%off!)
From 12:00 a.m. Aug 11th to 11:59 p.m. August 21th(JST)
Don't miss the special 10 days♪
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Summer Holidays Notice

We will be closed for the summer vacation during the following period:
11th and 13th to 16th August 2016.

Please note there will be no payment confirmation and no shipping during this period.
We will resume our business as usual from 17th August.
We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Online Shop Restocks

We will restock a few of popular items on 22nd July!
e.x.) Germaine Onepiece(Pink Beige, Navy), Antique Violet Tuck JSK(Blue:107cm) etc...
Look forward to what items will be restocked♪

*Due to the fact that we have many stores and shared stock, we do not have a set amount of each item in our inventory.
Because of this, there are times when an item may be mistakenly shown as available online but is actually sold out.
So please wait for your Paypal invoice to make sure the item is available. Thank you.

Free Shipping Fair on orders over 100,000JPY For Three Days Only!

16th July 2016 - 18th July 2016(JST)

All items includes sale items, reservation items and regular items.
We are offering free shipping on all orders over 100,000JPY(without tax)
Don't miss out on this big deal♪

Summer Sale Starts!

Thank you always for shopping at our online store!
・Sale items are ineligible for points.
・Due to the fact that we have many stores and shared stock, we do not have a set amount of each item in our inventory. Because of this, there are times when an item may be mistakenly shown as available online but is actually sold out. So please wait for your Paypal invoice to make sure the item is available.

We are offering Limited Special items other than regular items.
Visit our online shop to get a great deal and your best summer style♪
Click here

Questionnaire Request for a Second re-lease of Kuniyoshi Kaneko Alice series

We have been getting lots of inquiries about a second re-leasing "Kuniyoshi Kaneko Alice series" and we would like to thank you all for your support!
Now we are considering about a second re-releasing of the series and will do a questionnaire same as the last time.
Click here to read more.

Happy Email ♪

Thank you for always supporting us.
With our best appreciation, we are sending Happy Emails cantaining special information to selected customers.

【The E-mail will be sent on】
June 14th and 21st
※The Happy Emails are not sent to all customers but sent to only customers who are randomly selected in advance.

15% Off All Items!

We are having a 15% off sale!
【Starting from】
June 7th - June 14th(JST)
**There may be slight differences of the time to start.
※New releases and some items not included.
※Please check the correct total sum on your Paypal invoice we will invoice you at a later date.

Happy Pack Online Only♪

Happy Pack season is upon us again!
This big value box contains Jumperskirt, Onepiece, Skirt, Blouse and Accessaries which are selected at random.
(The total numbers of items in one box differs according to the combination of items inside )
***The items with shirring back are regardless of the size(M/L)
Wait till you see them♪

【Starting from】
June 3rd 2016 (JST)

This time we are offering boxes at 30,000JPY, 50,000JPY and 80,000JPY
The reservations will be available in limited numbers on the first come, first serve basis.
***We cannot ship the boxes with other regular items just because senders differ. Please place orders separately if you order the other items.

Immediate sellout is expected★
Don't miss the chance♪

Flat Price Sale

We are having Flat Price Sale!

【Starting from】
14:00, 31th May 2016(JST) - 23:59, 5th June 2016(JST)
**There may be slight differences of the time to start.

⇒Flat Price Sale

Buy 1 Jumperskirt or Onepiece for 15,000JPY and 1 Bag for 7,000JPY.
Save more with a set of both!
If you purchase 1 Jumperskirt or Onepiece plus a Bag which is eligible for the Flat Price Sale, you can get a set of both(dress and bag) for 19,000JPY (+tax).
***Please check the correct total sum on your Paypal invoice we will invoice you at a later date.

Don't miss the chance.

Innocent World Special Bag and Pouch Set Book♪

"Innocent World Special Bag and Pouch Set Book " is going to be released from Takarajimasha!
It will be sold all over the country in book stores.

The ever popular series "Fantasy Night Sky" is printed on the tote bag(H28×W40×D9.5cm)and pouch(H15×W21.5×D4.5cm).
The pouch has inner lining, the bag has inner lining and inside pocket.
Shiny supple fabric for the frontside. Fine polyurethane leather for the backside and handles.
The pouch has the same pattern as the bag with a gold zipper and strap.
Our latest collections and a message from Yumi Fujiwara are included in the booklet.

『Innocent World Special Bag & Pouch Set Book』
Price: 2400 JPY + tax
Format: A4 format/full-color/8 pages
General Release date: May 21 2016

【Selling schedule Online】
・Advanced reservations for Special Members start on May 11th.
・Reservations for Non-member customers start on May 13th.
・General Release starts on May 21st.

Re-release of Kuniyoshi Kaneko Alice series

Thank you very much for answering the questionnaire regarding re-releasing the item of "Kuniyoshi Kaneko Alice series"

The results from the questionnaire shows that "Kaneko Alice Shoulder Ribbon Jumperskirt" was chosen to be re-released!!
Plus "Kuniyoshi Kaneko Tights" and "Kuniyoshi Kaneko「Alice Through the Looking Glass」Tights" will be re-released at the same time♪

≪Taking Reservations by Email≫
We are emailing customers who answered the questionnaire for confirmation of the item requested.
To follow the below schedule:
■Advanced reservations for customers who have requsted "Kaneko Alice Shoulder Ribbon Jumperskirt" will be available from 26th February.

■Advanced reservations for customers who have requsted "Kuniyoshi Kaneko Alice High Waist Jumperskirt" from 4th March.
**We are releasing only "Kaneko Alice Shoulder Ribbon Jumperskirt"this time. There is no release of High Waist Jumperskirt. You can have priority to reserve Shoulder Ribbon JSK.

≪On Webpage≫
■Advanced reservations for Special Members will be available from 11th March.
■General reservations will be available from 18th March.
■General release will be on 25th March

**Priority reservations are given to Customers who have answered the questionnaire by email and will be closed for SPM and non-members if reservations are filled.
We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

Collaboration item with Peter Rabbit™

<<For overseas customers>>
We have been getting lots of inquiries about collab item "Peter Rabbit™ series" which will be released on 15th January.
Under the license agreement with the licensor, we are afraid but the items of Peter Rabbit™ series are not sold for overseas customers.
We would appreciate your understanding.

We're invited to the Tea Party in Hong Kong!

This winter, our designer Fujiwara and model Yui Minakata are planning to attend the Hong Kong Christmas Tea Party hosted by Lolita Connect, as the special guest.

Click the links below to get further information.


Announcement : 2nd Alfons Mucha Collaboration Project

Following the collaboration project between Alfons Mucha and Innocent World that was very popular last time, we are releasing new collaboration items this year!

For the new dresses, his major masterworks [Rreverie],[La Plume],[la primavera] are printed on exquisite lace pattern printed fabric.
The classical and gentle hue gives a calm impression.

■Special Members can make advanced reservations starting July 24th.
■Non-member customers can make reservations starting July 31th.
■Release date : Around the middle of August

The details will be posted in "KERA! the September released on July 16th.
Please check it out♪

Innocent World Foldable Umbrella BOOK is
about to release!

“Innocent World Foldable Umbrella BOOK”is going to be released from Takarajimasha!

You can get a foldable umbrella usable also as parasol featuring our coveted original print Lauretta Rose.
Classy rose printed umbrella with frills will be one for your daily outings♪

With an eight-page leaflet featuring our dresses♪

【Taking reservations until】
May 11, 2014

【Release date】
May 16th

★For purchases on our webshop and retail shops except Nagoya shop,we'll offer 1000 yen voucher that you can use for purchase accumulate to 5,000 yen or more.

Innocent World Foldable Umbrella BOOK♪

Go for getting one before sold-out♪

About our coming series featuring Peter Rabbit?

Regarding coming series featuring The Tale of Peter Rabbit? by Beatrix Potter? we're so sorry but we cannot accept orders overseas - they're released exclusively for domestic sales (we cannot get licenses to ship them internationally). Thank you for your understanding in advance.


Further info about our first brand Mook

Hope we didn't keep you waiting,
now we can let you know more details about Innocent World 15th Anniversary Mook♪

15th Anniversary Mook

【Taking online reservations until】
November 22nd to December 1st

【Release date】
December 6th


*From the Vienna tea party
(presented by Gothic Lolita Austira)
*Lessons for classical styles
*Chronology and our coveted dresses
*Textile museum
*Dresses from collaborative works
*365 days with Innocent World
*The place where Innocent World's items are born ...and more☆

On the cover story, Dakota Rose appears in our brand-new series as classical Alice♪

On the feature called "Textile Museum"
we would like to introduce you our original prints and embroidery designs for the past collections♪

【Special supplement】
It's our famous Violin Bag, but actually a tote with an inside pocket and opening snaps!
(Approx size: 31cm×32cm width×10.5cm depth)
An useful tote enables you to put many items in it♪
It ain't cheap with f-hole embroidery, not printed ones.

Here you can see our whole 15 years.
Go for getting one before sold-out☆

At Osaka flagship shop and Harajuku store,
samples of the supplement bag will go on display from November 15th♪
Please come to shops and check it in person☆


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