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Wear exampleWear exampleBlack×Beige×BlackBlack×Beige×BlackBlack×Beige×BlackBlack×Beige×BlackBlack×Beige×BlackBlack×Beige×BlackBlack×Beige×BlackBlack×Beige×Black*全3Color


222 White×White×White666 Beige×Beige×Beige363 Black×Beige×Black
Wear example
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*Make your feet beautiful and elegant*

Crew length socks using torsion lace. Three colors are available

Product Name Torchon lace Crew Length Socks
Product Number 201902
Color 222 White×White×White
666 Beige×Beige×Beige
363 Black×Beige×Black
Size F
Price 2,700yen(withouttax)
Material Nylon/Polyurethane

Torchon lace Crew Length Socks


Price 2,700yen(without tax)

222 White×White×White F
666 Beige×Beige×Beige F
363 Black×Beige×Black F

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