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1Old English Rose(Milk Tea)2Old English Rose(Gray)3Old English Rose(Green)4Maiden's Rose Garden(Pink)5Maiden's Rose Garden(Purple)6Maiden's Rose Garden(BlueGray)7Fe des fleurs (Yerrow)8Fe des fleurs (Blue)9Fe des fleurs (Pink)10Fe des fleurs (Black)11Forest Flower(Pink)12Forest Flower(Green)13Forest Flower(Blue)14Forest Flower(Gray)
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~A kit to make masks that match your outfit-

A kit that allows you to make masks using the fabrics used for Innocent World designs. You can make it either by hand sewing or sewing machine. It would be nice to coordinate this mask with matching clothes. You can also select from simple colors and patterns that are easy to coordinate. It is fun to style your outfits with a mask of your choice.

Product Name IW Mask Kit
Product Number 202911
Color 1、 Old English Rose(Milk Tea)
2、Old English Rose(Gray)
3、Old English Rose(Green)
4、Maiden's Rose Garden(Pink)
5、Maiden's Rose Garden(Purple)
6、Maiden's Rose Garden(BlueGray)
7、Fe des fleurs (Yerrow)
8、Fe des fleurs (Blue)
9、Fe des fleurs (Pink) 
10、Fe des fleurs (Black)
11、Forest Flower(Pink)
12、Forest Flower(Green)
13、Forest Flower(Blue)
14、Forest Flower(Gray)
* The Fe des fleurs pattern fabric is soft and thin, and the other fabrics are solid.
Price 1,650yen(tax included)
Material 100% cotton
Set Content Paper pattern: Normal size x 1, small size x 1
Printed fabric・・・1 sheet
Mask rubber・・・ 65 cm
Instructions on how to make ... 1 sheet

*Registered design*
Finished dimensions Normal size...About 9cm x 17cm
Small size...about 8.5cm x 14cm
Items to prepare ・Marking (pen or pencil), ruler, gusset needle, needle, thread, iron
Sales outlet Innocent World Online Shop Only。

IW Mask Kit


Price 1,650yen(tax included)

1、 Old English Rose(Milk Tea) F/SOLD OUT
2、Old English Rose(Gray) F/SOLD OUT
3、Old English Rose(Green) F/SOLD OUT
4、Maiden's Rose Garden(Pink) F/SOLD OUT
5、Maiden's Rose Garden(Purple) F/SOLD OUT
6、Maiden's Rose Garden(BlueGray) F/SOLD OUT
7、Fe des fleurs (Yerrow) F/FEW LEFT
8、Fe des fleurs (Blue) F/FEW LEFT
9、Fe des fleurs (Pink) F/FEW LEFT
10、Fe des fleurs (Black) F
11、Forest Flower(Pink) F/SOLD OUT
12、Forest Flower(Green) F
13、Forest Flower(Blue) F/FEW LEFT
14、Forest Flower(Gray) F

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