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2021 Happy Pack 30,000yen SetExampleThis new dress is in all bagsThis socks is in all bagsRenée DressRenée DressRenée DressRenée DressRenée DressRenée DressRenée DressRenée DressOriga Over Knee SocksOriga Over Knee SocksOriga Over Knee Socks


96 Bordeaux×Beige86 Green×Beige56 Chocolat×Beige16 Gray×Beige36 Black×Beige65 Beige×Chocolat69 Beige×Bordeaux63 Beige×Black31 Black×Gray
2021 Happy Pack 30,000yen Set
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~Happy pack that is very popular every year!~

Innocent World Happy pack of 2021 is wonderful! They contain new dress and Original Over Knee Socks!

*You can choose your favorite color and size for the new Dress!
Note 1) Product image for illustration purposes only. Actual Contents may vary.
Note 2) Please note that the number of items will vary depending on the content.
Note 3) Shirring clothes are included regardless of size M or L.
Note 4) The type of length is not related to size.
★Due to the limited quantity, it will end as soon as the planned number of sales is reached.

☆It is a very popular product every year, so we recommend you to make an early reservation☆

Product Name 2021 Happy Pack 30,000yen Set
Product Number 211003
Color 96 Bordeaux×Beige
86 Green×Beige
56 Chocolat×Beige
16 Gray×Beige
36 Black×Beige
※The above Color is the color name of the"Renée Dress".
⇒"Renée Dress" Detail page
You cannot choose the color of other set products.
Size M・・・clothes in Medium and accessories.
L・・・clothes in Large and accessories.
Price 30,000yen(without tax)
Content ①New production「Renée Dress」(You can choose the color and size)
⇒Renée Dress Detail page
②「Origa Over Knee Socks」
⇒Origa Over Knee SocksDetail page
③Other Dress or Jumperskirt of Innocent World.
Delivery Date Around mid-January
Shipping Cost Shipping fee and tax will be added when order is confirmed.
  MSize Set LSize Set
Content clothes in Medium and accessories. clothes in Large and accessories.
Bust Approximately 85 cm - 98 cm Approximately 85 cm - 102 cm
Waist Approximately 64 cm - 81 cm Approximately 68 cm - 85 cm
  • ※Depending on the item, the sizes might be slightly smaller or larger. The measurements listed are of the actual garment so we recommend 4-5cm of room for the best fit.

2021 Happy Pack 30,000yen Set


Price 30,000yen(without tax)

96 Bordeaux×Beige M/SOLD OUT
96 Bordeaux×Beige L/SOLD OUT
86 Green×Beige M/SOLD OUT
86 Green×Beige L/SOLD OUT
56 Chocolat×Beige M/SOLD OUT
56 Chocolat×Beige L/SOLD OUT
16 Gray×Beige M/SOLD OUT
16 Gray×Beige L/SOLD OUT
36 Black×Beige M/SOLD OUT
36 Black×Beige L/SOLD OUT

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