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~Decorate yourself with pretty violet flowers~

Each flower petal on these beautiful violets are dyed and created by hand.
After the petals have formed into a flower, the center part is dyed again and rhinestones are placed in the center of the flowers. Beautifully designed to decorate your ear with a single violet and a round stone just like morning dew.
In addition, the teardrop-shaped pearl that sways every time you move is so elegant and gorgeous.

Product Name Young Maiden's Violet Earrings
Product Number 211905
Colors 41 Pink×clip-on earrings
44 Pink×earrings
91 purple×clip-on earrings
97 purple×earrings
Material Brass/earrings:Only the needle part is made of titanium
Size F
Price 5,280yen(tax included)
Estimated in-stock date Early to late March 2021
Reservation period 4 March 2021

Young Maiden's Violet Earrings


Price 5,280yen(tax included)

41 Pink×clip-on earrings F/SOLD OUT
44 Pink×earrings F/SOLD OUT
91 purple×clip-on earrings F/SOLD OUT
97 purple×earrings F/SOLD OUT

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