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~A luxurious Alice style apron~

Announcing an apron dress from the popular "Grown up Alice Series". An Alice style apron created with plenty of torsion lace. While retaining the cuteness from her adolescence, this outfit was designed with the vision of Alice who has all grown up.

Product Name Grown up Alice Apron Dress
Product Number 213701
Colors 22 White×White
23 White×Black
66 Beige×Beige
63 Beige×Black
Size M/L
Price 29,150yen(tax included)
Material Polyester65%・Cotton35%/T/C broad cloth
Features Adjustable shoulder straps
For more than one purchase Only one item per person can be ordered for the same item with the same part number, color, and size.
Please note that even if you can make a reservation, we will change the purchase of the same item to one item.
  M L
Waist 62cm 65.4cm
Skirt length 60cm

  • ※Depending on the item, the sizes might be slightly smaller or larger. The measurements listed are of the actual garment so we recommend 4-5cm of room for the best fit.

Grown up Alice Apron Dress


Price 29,150yen(tax included)

22 White×White M/SOLD OUT
22 White×White L/SOLD OUT
23 White×Black M/SOLD OUT
23 White×Black L/SOLD OUT
66 Beige×Beige M/SOLD OUT
66 Beige×Beige L/SOLD OUT
63 Beige×Black M/SOLD OUT
63 Beige×Black L/SOLD OUT

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