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Wear ExampleWear ExampleWear ExampleWear ExampleWear ExampleWear ExampleSmokey Green×BeigeSmokey Green×BeigeSmokey Green×BeigeSmokey Green×BeigeSmokey Green×Beigethe rear part can be removedthe rear part can be removedSmokey Green×Beige


66 Beige×Beige96 Violet×Beige86 Mint×Beige88 Smokey Green×Beige56 Chocolat×Beige
Wear Example
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~The popular Lolita project of reminiscence~

An antique doll-like bonnet with plenty of torsion lace and frills. The back cover can be removed with a button, so you can wear it as a half bonnet. It comes with a ribbon which matches the classical tiered dress, so it would be lovely to coordinate with it.

Product Name Classical Ribbon Bonnet
Product Number 221903
Colors 66 Beige×Beige
96 Violet×Beige
86 Mint×Beige
88 Smokey Green×Beige
56 Chocolat×Beige
Size M
Price 21,780yen(tax included)
Material Body:Cotton100%
Inner lining:Polyester100%/Polyester lining
Features the rear part can be removed
For more than one purchase Only one item per person can be ordered for the same item with the same part number, color, and size. Please note that even if you can make a reservation, we will change the purchase of the same item to one item.

Classical Ribbon Bonnet


Price 21,780yen(tax included)

66 Beige×Beige M/SOLD OUT
96 Violet×Beige M/SOLD OUT
86 Mint×Beige M/SOLD OUT
88 Smokey Green×Beige M/SOLD OUT
56 Chocolat×Beige M/SOLD OUT

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