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444 Violet★New Color555 Chocolat333 Black
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-A very popular headband of grosgrain ribbon and satin ribbon-

We are pleased to announce the resale of the Latin Head Bow, which has a perfect combination of grosgrain ribbon and satin ribbon!
As it is a simple and cute ribbon headband, you can wear it in any coordination ♪

Product Name Latin Head Bow
Product Number 221907
Color 444 Violet★New Color
555 Chocolat
333 Black
Size F
Price 3,080yen(tax included)
Features This product is made in Japan.
* "Made in Korea" is written on the headband.But the production is in Japan.

Latin Head Bow


Price 3,080yen(tax included)

444 Violet F/SOLD OUT
555 Chocolat F/SOLD OUT
333 Black F/SOLD OUT

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